shimmer reflect holes

shimmer reflect holes

parting something but what?

fluffy russia martin luther neglect

lines people stake hidden flow


watchers watching the host


laundry under fire

waiting for rain . 

impending flood . running fast

rampant . race . caucaus

prizes . stork . standing

water . knee-deep . rushing

abyss . rampant . hold

laundry on balcony


modern acid haze hyper color structure un real

markets vision depression contain even wired

strapped down gag

ward b

off the verge

heartburn, heartdrop, teardrop, shaped, pressed, bound

unbounded, territories, into service, Argentina, concerns, turn

turning, blurry, bending, ache, nerve, damage, tension, high tension

wire, in the blood, flow, river, abyss







on the verge


perplexing queries- always backwards- possible until

grant kesters notion is one ive heard for quite awhile, its the reason why so many people I know have left the art world – the inherent selfishness of the individual artist vs the “good” work of collective experience and social redemption quality of art being ignored?  why cant we do all???In a world where I can know all my neighbors every daily habit and its deeply a collective experience via internet -what does collective work mean?  There is a fungus a 1/4 inch in diameter that can arise under a toenail in the foot of an elephant that can kill the elephant in 2 days.   I ask Mr Kester, “Mr. Kester what does collective – social really mean? what is service to the collective” I bring in the word service cause redemption is right up there with service!!     thou, made art with homeless teenagers and we made images that we plastered along hollywood boulevard, Mr Kester is that more collective than our multipoint group exploring the possibilities of human collaboration?  big is small and small is off to the left kinda large….. what about what the souls desire to understand possibility- and that the possibilities are all different?  I work with you, she works with her, he works with them, they work with her, she nature is her artifice, I works with those and theirs- your outside is my insides- my inside is their outsides, her insides is his insides*** if mrr kester can honestly look me in the eye and say that human potential and individuation has been fully explored – his question must be the privilege of individuation…  yikes im not sure, I dont quite think so- what is the possibility of art?  I dont think art changes the world— giving it that kind of power brings too many committees paperwork votes-  biggest is best-est…… a child of the 60’s think global act local- mr kester we are the same for 15- !!!!….  you are always welcome at my dinner table mr kester… I went to a party for a friend it made my day happier.  I went to a friends daughters kindergarten school graduation and party on the beach and someone asked me to leave cause I did not look like I “fit in with the school”